Lemonade Stands

Use plywood and PVC pipe to construct a cool lemonade stand for your little entrepreneurs. These stand plans are simple and only take a few hours to build. Add festive painted cardboard signs and start selling. Be sure you have on hand:

Lemonaide or Kool-Aid
Disposable cups
A cooler to hold your drinks and ice
Some extra cash to make change
A cash box

Kool-Aid Stand
Kool-Aid Stand
Here's drawings to make a nifty koolaid or lemonade stand out of plywood.
Martha Stewart's Lemonade Stand
Martha Stewart's Lemonade Stand
This attractive stand is more temporary than the ones above. Also has a lemonade recipe.
Kids' Lemonade Stand?

Kids' Lemonade Stand 

Get children motivated in a small business venture by building this simple money making stand.

Refreshment Stand

Refreshment Stand

This fun project requires tri-fold display board and colored markers for eye catching decorations.

Beverage Stand on Wheels?

Beverage Stand on Wheels 

This colorful stand on wheels will definitely get noticed and looks so professional.

Build a Lemonade Stand

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